Mommy in the Closet

One Lesbian's struggle to come out of the closet

Just in case you need it today…

What I did on my weekend, a picture Essay…


And the weather forecast is… Sexy.


I’ve never had a true best friend. I’ve never had anyone that I could tell all of my secrets too. I’ve never had the urge to exchange BFF half necklaces with someone. I’ve never developed a secret language only understood by my best friend and me. So I guess you …

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Phoning it in with google


I’m calling it in today. Translation : I’m sad, lazy and have been crying for no reason so I don’t have it in me to write something sexy, enjoyable or funny. So I thought I’d just do a little plagiarizing instead. Man… I should write for Wikipedia. Basically I’m burnt. …

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Facebook says I’m a loser… New New Year’s Resolution: Be less loser-ish next year.

I'm going to be a lesbian when I grow up.

I’ve never been a big Facebook user. I’m not one to tweet my every thought out into the world, or describe my daily eating arrangements. I don’t tell you who I’m with every hour of the day because that list would be painfully boring for all of us. I know …

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